WMDL Format

To help those of you not in the know regarding the Wimborne Minster Darts League (WMDL) rules and format, here is a quick overview…

Match Format

Each league match consists of ten games (in this order): one team game (6 players), three pairs and six singles.

The team game is one leg of 1001. Often this is called The Gallon.

The pairs are best-of-three 501.

The singles are best-of-five 501 in the A Section and best-of-three 501 in all the other Sections (B-E).

Each team scores one point for every game won – therefore each league match has ten points up for grabs.

League Format

The league is split in to five Section – A, B, C, D & E.

There is relegation and promotion between the divisions which is based losely around two-up, two-down. Occasionally The League will need to move more or less teams between divisions, depending on what Sections teams drop out from in the close season – so you could end up being promoted if you finished third, or even fourth, as well as relegated when not placed in the bottom two, though this rarely happens.


I have played in the WMDL since 1989 and personally think it’s one of the strongest, most competitive and friendly leagues in the area.



If you’re interested in knowing more about the Wimborne Minster Dart League, ask me anything you like in the comments box below or alternatively, contact the league directly here – be sure to mention this website if you do.



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