Jamie Hughes: 7 Things You Didn’t Know

Over the last few weeks Jamie Hughes has (reluctantly) shared things with us that not everyone knows. Jamie recently won the Swedish Open and moved up to number four in the BDO Mens Invitation table.

He seems a humble man, who would prefer not to have attention on him, but when you’re having a great year in your chosen sport and moving up the rankings, people show an interest and want to know more, so here we go with Jamie’s Things You Didn’t Know…

Jamie and Glenn Durrant after their second round clash at the Lakeside Word Championship 2015. www.gazettelive.co.uk
Jamie and good friend Glenn Durrant after their second round clash at the Lakeside Word Championship 2015.

“I have two older brothers and two older sisters. My two brothers are 49 and 45 and my sisters are 48 and 38. When I play in tournaments they’re always texting me wishing me good luck and congratulating me when I do well.”

Jamie was born in Tipton and will be 30 next February (2016). He’s still got plenty of years left in him to achieve so much more in darts – maybe the World Title in January or perhaps he can wrest the BDO’s top spot from his friend, Glen Durrant!

“I had a trial for Wolves at 15 as a defender – I played mostly centre-half, but played best at full-back because I was more of a footballer than a stopper! I also played for Pick-of-the-League.”

In 2001 Wolves missed out on promotion to the Premier League in the play-offs, losing to Norwich City – how things might have been different for Jamie! Playing for Pick-of-the-League shows that Yozza was clearly pretty handy in defence, as he was chosen to represent the league in that position ahead of everyone else who played there. 

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Yozza's Tattoo - A Proud Man
Yozza’s Tattoo – A Proud Man

“I have the England Darts Crest tattooed on my right calf. It was my only ambition to play darts for England and it’s kind of a personal trophy for achieving that.”

If this doesn’t show how much England darts means to Jamie, then you’re a difficult person to please? Also, I checked with Jamie that that wasn’t a thigh – he assures me it is a calf!

“I’ve hit one nine-darter in competition. I’d been playing bad all day and it just happened! I can remember shaking and just lobbing the last dart and it went in! It was in the Tipton Open against a good friend of mine, Frazer [laughs]. I lost 3-1!”

Just one nine-darter Jamie? Pah, that’s not very good!! Seriously though, that must have been a memorable day, and something most of us can only dream about.

Possibly Yozza's old Red Ring Bristow darts from Argos!
Possibly Yozza’s old Red Ring Bristow darts from Argos!

“The first set of darts I had were found on a canal towpath by my Uncle Steven. He works for British Waterways and just found them on the towpath. It was a fair few years before I actually started playing seriously, but still used to have a throw in the house whenever Lakeside was on.

Well done Uncle Steven I say – I think Jamie owes him a debt of gratitude. I wonder if the previous owner was so bad they missed the canal when they tried to throw them in?!

“I had trouble because I lost them and didn’t know what weight they were and played with a set that didn’t suit me for a while, but luckily found some red ringed Bristow darts that used to be sold in Argos that suited me and got them weighed – I’ve thrown with 26g darts since.”

Did every dart player born after 1970 own a set of darts from Argos in their early days? I know I did!

Jamies New Red Dragon Darts

Yozza's Red Dragon Darts
Jamie’s darts are now available at Red Dragon. Click the image to see more…

“I had a picture of Steve Bull fellow Tiptonian and Wolves legend on my wall when I was a kid – not had the chance to meet him yet though.”

I’m pretty sure if you carry on the darting success he’ll be knocking on your door soon enough mate. Jamie is clearly very proud of his Tipton heritage, so-much-so that he has the word on his darts shirt collar.

I broke my metatarsal when I was 17 playing football and my elbow falling off climbing apparatus when I was 11.”

I too broke my metatarsal, playing five-a-side, but unlike Yozza I haven’t hit a nine-dart leg or been ranked BDO number four!

Thanks for being a good sport Jamie and I wish you well for the coming months – it would be great to see another humble man lift the Lakeside World Championship Trophy in January.

Incidentally, if you ever bump into Jamie on a weekend evening, his is a Pepperoni pizza with a JD and coke 😉

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