Ten Things You Didn’t Know About… Scotty Dog Mitchell

This week we persuaded Scotty ‘Dog’ Mitchell to tell us ten things about himself that people may not be aware of.

So, we all know that Scott is the reigning BDO World Champion, who owns a landscaping company and has a farming background. We also know he lives in Dorset with his wife, Sharon, son and county darts playing daughter, but did you know any of the ten facts below, that Scott shared with us?

Stand and Deliver
The UK’s number one single for five weeks in 1981. Picture: Adam-Ant.net

“The first ever record I owned was Adam and the Ant’s Stand and Deliver. Then it was Shakin Stevens’ You Drive me Crazy.”
So that was early in 1981 Scott! For those who can’t remember back that far, in those days you actually had to go to a shop to buy music – they were called records back then! Stand and Deliver went straight in at number one and stayed there for five weeks. Personally I don’t remember that at all (or Prince Charming)!

“I rode motocross bikes from the age of 18 to 24. I rode in the British Amateur Championship Qualifiers.”
When I’ve spoken to Scott about this previously, he’s mentioned a number of broken bones and various trips to A&E – I’m assuming that darts is a lot less dangerous!

Scott's darts can be purchased directly from Red Dragon - click the image to see more...
Scott’s darts can be purchased directly from Red Dragon – click the image to see more…

“The first darts league I played in was the Hants & Dorset League on a Thursday night. It was at the Southern Print club in Poole – it’s a Lidl now!”
The Hants & Dorset League was also my first darts league – we always got battered by Scott’s teams! Nothing changes – still the same in the Wimborne League nearly 30 years later!

Kacmer Pomolski and Kyle Newman in action. Picture: PoolePirates.co
Kacmer Pomolski and Kyle Newman in action for Poole Pirates.
Picture: PoolePirates.co

“Most people know I’m a speedway fan. I went to my first Poole Pirates race at Wimborne Road as a two-week-old in a carrycot.”
I can’t quite decide if that’s an acceptable thing to do with a two-week-old or not? Turned out OK in the end though I guess! Scott is still a regular visitor to the Pirates meetings. Poole Pirates have been crowned Elite League Champions six times since 2003.

“I went to my first Poole Pirates race at Wimborne Road as a two-week-old in a carrycot.”

“I was the club secretary for the Carpenters Arms football club for four years, organising four teams in the local Sunday League.”
Starting to get the feeling competitive sport has been a big part of your life for quite some time Scott.

“I went to Twynham School in Christchurch. When I was eleven-years-old, I came second in the school sports 100 meters.”
Oh, more sports related memories! I’m thinking that your sprinting days are probably over now though?

“I hit my first ever 180 in a league match at Parkstone Trades & Labour club in 1988 at 17 years old.”
Seventeen? What kept you Scott? Were you a slow developer?

Unlike the Southern Print Club, Parkstone Trades & Labour hasn’t been turned into a foreign supermarket and is still very much a local darts venue.

Harry Redknapp
Harry Redknapp – former school minibus driver. Picture: wikipedia.org

“Harry Redknapp used to take my Twynham School football team to away matches in the AFC Bournemouth minibus when the teachers were on strike so we could still play – his sons Mark and Jamie played in the same team.”
Of course, after his minibus driving career, Harry went on to manage a considerable number of football clubs, including all three professional clubs local to Scott – AFC Bournemouth, Southampton and Portsmouth.

“Harry Redknapp used to take my Twynham School football team to away matches in the AFC Bournemouth minibus…”

“David Essex was Father Christmas at my Sunday school Christmas Party in about 1979!”
Adam Ant, Shakin’ Stevens and now David Essex – we’re really filling this article with cutting-edge, popular music references!
Essex must have been quite a star in 1979 – he’d already had both of his UK number ones by then – Gonna Make You A Star (1974) and Hold Me Close (1975).

“I have a pierced nipple! To cut a long story short, I told Sharon that childbirth pain was all in the mind! I shortly found myself with a pierced nipple at her instigation and have never said that to her again!”
Okay, so I wasn’t expecting this! Just how annoyed exactly must Sharon have been to make you do that?
I wonder how many other famous dart players have body piercings?

Thanks to Scott for being such a good sport with this article.

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