The PDC have created a monster, they are now slaves to it

On the day the PDC World Championships return to out TV’s, I thought I’d re-blog this post about the fickle nature of the PDC crowds…

3 thoughts on “The PDC have created a monster, they are now slaves to it”

  1. Well I agree that a lot of the crowd are not darts fans but they do create a good atmosphere for TV. As a darts fan I am not sure if I would like to go as I would not be able to see the darts so am happy to watch on TV. Only thing I do not like is seeing younger children allowed. Another point there is never any trouble with the darts crowd.


    1. I’ve been to the premier league three times in Brighton and won’t go again due to the language, over the top cheering and fighting. You don’t see the trouble on tv but trust me it’s there


  2. i went both sessions on Tuesday, and even though I had a great time and am a regular player paying pub and county darts, I have to admit the place was full of non dart playing foul mouthed idiots who knew nothing about the game or its history, Barry Hearn don’t give a toss about the type of crowd it attracts as long as it puts money in his pocket,

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